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by Sherwin Williams

Bluebonnet Exteriors only utilizes the most superior products developed by Sherwin Williams.  Each James Hardie Siding Installation project, is caulked with a 55+ year caulk, made to withstand our hot Texas summers without cracking or breaking.  Our siding installation projects are always primed with Loxon Primer, creating the strongest bond, to ensure superb performance from your topcoat.  Sherwin Williams' Emerald Rain Refresh is an ultra-durable exterior coating with Self-Cleaning Technolgy.  This NEW coating offers excellent UV and weather protection, and is formulated so that dirt washes away upon contact with rain or water for a clean, freash look with minimal maintenance.

Bluebonnet Exteriors will also walk you through the entire process of choosing paint colors.  If you're still undecided on color palletes, we will connect you with a free color consultaion with Sherwin Williams, to help you visualize what color themes may go good with your home.  We can then proceed to paint different color samples around your home, to get a real life visualization of your color options, in sunlight and shaded areas, to help in this pocess.  We can't wait to see the final result!

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